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In some contested custody disputes, the court may appoint an Amicus Attorney, to help the court decide what is in the best interest of the child.  This attorney may make recommendations to the court regarding what kind of custody arrangements would be best for the child.

An Amicus Attorney does not represent either side or the children, rather the Amicus Attorney is an arm of the court in order to help assist the court in making decisions that are in the best interest of the child.

Duties of an Amicus Attorney:  An Amicus Attorney participates in all court hearings, depositions, mediations and other important meetings with the parties and attorneys.  Amicus Attorneys  interview the parents and all children who are 4 years or older.  This may also include home visits to each parties’ residences.  In addition, an Amicus Attorney may speak with potential witnesses including children’s teachers or therapists. 

Allyson N. Brupbacher has been appointed as an Amicus Attorney in every court in Harris County, Texas as well as cases in Montgomery County, Fort Bend County and Galveston County.  She has represented hundreds of children during the course of her career.  Currently she has limited her practice so that her work consists completely of Amicus work, mediation and parenting coordination.  She continues to work with the courts in zealously representing the best interest of children. 

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