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Creative Solutions in Family Law Cases

If you’re in need of mediation services, Amicus Attorneys, Parenting Coordination or Parenting Facilitation, Allyson N. Brupbacher is ready to help. Allyson N. Brupbacher works to bring opposing sides to agreement through alternative dispute resolution—whether it be through mediation or other forms of child and family-based solutions. Allyson N. Brupbacher’s goal is to facilitate mutually agreeable settlements through structured, time-tested techniques.
Allyson N. Brupbacher works hard to help both sides develop a thorough and shared understanding of the dispute, and then guide them through the process of defining a practical, fair and lasting resolution.  With over 15 years of experience in all the courts in Harris and surrounding counties, Allyson N. Brupbacher can help find a creative solution to all your client’s complex and difficult issues.


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