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Mediation is an alternative to litigation that helps resolve and finalize contested issues in family law cases.  In mediation, a neutral third party trained in the process of mediation and experienced in family law, facilitates communication between the parties, assisting them to focus on the real issues of their disputes and generates options and solutions for settlement.  As an alternate dispute resolution, mediation can reduce the costs of litigation, all the parties to take responsibility to resolve their disputes in a more creative and tailored way that suits their family’s specific needs.

Allyson N. Brupbacher is a certified mediator devoting a substantial part of her practice to assisting lawyers and their clients to resolve their court cases through mediation.  Allyson N. Brupbacher has mediated hundreds of cases in her career and continues to limit her practice to mediations and court-appointed Amicus Attorney work as well as Parenting Coordination.

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